Concert in Germany for Vocational Training Center in Dhading

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Heidenheim, Germany, 2017-11-2.
In the end of October 2017, a German Organization Future for Nepal East-wuerttemberg organized a fundraising concert for Nepal. The concert was given at East-wuerttemberg city hall which was sponsored by Aalen District administrator Mr. Klaus Pavel. During the opening ceremony he mentioned “Nepal is a wonderful country with wonderful people, but has been badly affected by nature catastrophe in past few years. We heartly welcome the initiatives taken by Mr. Pawan Dhakal and his team Mr Herwig Jantschik und Petra Pachner a lot of program to help the people of Nepal, and newly, building a vocational training center in Dhading with Germanfunding. Other high ranking guests of the ceremony wereNepalese Ambassador to German H.E. Mr. Ramesh Prasad Khanal, German central parliament member Ms. MagrittStumpp, German State parliament member and Ex-culture Minister Mr. Andreas Stoch, Mayor of city Aalen, WolfangSteidle, and many righ ranking officials and politicians from the region. During the welcome speech everyone praise the initiative taken by Mr. Dhakal, who is Board Member of the organization and Global Marketing Manager of the global company Voith Hydro, a joint venture company between German giant Voith and Siemen, which is based in Heidenheim Germany.

H.E. Mr.Khanal highlighted the 60 years relationship between German and Nepal government and the relationship between the people of the both countries is beyond this. He requested German people to visit Nepal and utilize the opportunities in Nepal by investing in infrastructure and tourism projects. The concert given by a local band attracts a large numbers of audience and large sum of donation for the social cause in Nepal. In the break, a film regarding initiatives taken by Future for Nepal with its counterpart Sheshkant Foundation, building a vocational training center in Dhading, Orphanage home in and other activities. The event saw large numbers of people willingness to donate for Nepal for the goodwill.

City of Heidenheim: from Left: IT Engineer at Voithand Member of Sheshkant Foundation Ms. Akriti Sharma; Global Marketing Manager at Voith Hydro and member of Future for Nepal East Wuerttemberg Mr. Pawan Dhakal, Nepalese Ambassador to Germany H.E. Ramesh Prasad Khanal, Mayor of City of Heidenheim Mr. Rainer Domberg.

Before this concert, H.E. Ambassador of the Nepal Mr. Khanal was welcomed by Mayor of city of Heidenheim, Mr. Rainer Domberg. H.E. MrKhanal thanked Mr. Domberg for the support and initiatives taken by the local people of Heidenheim and the companies from the region .Both of them discussed to deepen the strong relationship between both nation further by expanding partnership.

Earlier on Friday 27th October, H.E. Mr. Khanal visited the technology concern Voith, where he was informed about the Voith world´s first class Vocational Training Center in Heidenheim. Voith is a partner for this under construction Vocational training center in Dhading, which is being built by Sheshkant FoundationDhading in collaboration with Future for Nepal East Wuerttemberg, Germany. Prior to that, the delegation also looked at the Voith Hydro Research& Development Center at Brunnenmühle.For this social cause, Voith donates a range of machinery, associated equipment and also financial help. “Every year, many young and mostly unqualified Nepalese people leave the country. Creating solid training opportunities is an absolute must.

It is the only way to give young people a perspective in their home country, to rebuild Nepal and to ensure sufficient progress.Voith Hydro Global Marketing Manager, an initiator of this social Project and aDhading born Engineer Mr. Pawan Dhakal said, “Such Vocational Training whichhas been proved as a successful model in Germany for its industrial success, specially German Made Technology, is absolutely necessary in Nepal for her sustainable development. As an Engineer Student in Germany, I am lucky enough to have a golden opportunity to learn this word class education system. I would like to share my little luck also with my people in Nepal. So together with German Pair Mr. Herwig Jantschik and Petra Pachner and other many more supporters from Politics, government of Germany, companies and locals, we are implementing this challenging work in Dhading Nepal. We will cooperate with Nonresident Nepalese Association (NRNA), Industries of Nepal and government authorities and local people to make this dream project success” elaborated Mr. Dhakal.

This month saw the start of the building work for the training center in Nepal. In future, young people will be able to obtain recognized qualifications as industrial mechanics, electrical engineers and welders from this institution. Voith will continue to accompany the project as a partner: it is planned to instruct Nepalese teachers at VoithTraining Center in Heidenheim for their future tasks in Dhading. And some of Voith´s apprentices can look forward to a special adventure: they will travel to Nepal next year, in order to commission the donated machines. This is just a beginning. Such kind of exchange program will further deepen to Nepal in future with other estimated companies in Germany and also in Nepal.

About Vocational Training Center in Dhading

The Vocational Training Center Project is being implemented by local NGO Sheshkant Foundation with the support of German NGO “Future for Nepal East-Wuerttemberg”.The partner to this project is big German companies’ incl. Voith from Heidenheim. Also the German government will support this project. This projects intends to introduce a dual education system in Nepal i.e. already during the training time, it intends to cooperate with national and multinational companies to give its trainees an opportunity to gain the practical knowledge, experience and working environment. The companies will entertain to know their prospect employees earlier and gain the best people for their further development. Every year about 30 Trainees will receive a highly skilled apprentiship training for industry mechanics, electrical engineer and welders from this institute. Further with the support of global companies like Voith hydro, it will offer several hydropower specific training to the employees of hydro power producers.

About Voith

The Voith Group also celebrates its 150th year of existence this year, having been founded in 1867, and continues to be one of the largest family owned companies in Europe. Today, the Voith Group has a sales turnover of over 4.3 billion euros and has a presence in more than 60 countries with around 19,000 employees.
To expand its footprint in the Himalayan nation,Voith Hydro, a joint venture company between Voith and Siemens has opened its first branch in Nepal in July 2017. This company has supplied electromechanical equipment to several hydropower projects in Nepal.