Miss Nepal Namrata Shrestha builds a suspension bridge in Dhading

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Lawong Bijay
मङ्लबार, कार्तिक २३, २०७८

Dhading Kartik 23 -Namrata Shrestha, who was selected as a ‘Miss World’ contestant from Nepal, has constructed a suspension bridge at Thopalkhola of Nilkantha-2 Aale Chhiringe. The bridge was inaugurated on Monday by Mayor Bhim Prasad Dhungana in the presence of Namrata Shrestha. Miss Nepal winner Shrestha had to do some sort of social work in order to preselt herself as a constestant; so, she built the suspension bridge connecting Sangkos and Basaha at a cost of four million rupees.

Namrata Shrestha said that local people along with the representatives of The Hidden Treasure, Action Nepal, IMA Foundation and the municipality helped in the construction of the bridge. Director of The Hidden Treasure Diwakar Raj Karnikar and Namrata Shrestha came to inaugurate the suspension bridge over Thopal Khola of Aalechhiringe, Ward No. 2 of Neelakantha Municipality.
The Hidden Treasure is an organization which has been organizing Miss Nepal for 27 years.

Namrata Shrestha was awarded Miss Nepal 2020, surpassing 20 other contestants in the final competition of Miss Nepal. After this, Namrata got the opportunity to participate in ‘Miss World’ 2020-21. The competition will feature beauties from 130 countries. Three people from Nepal have won the Miss World pageant so far.