Sita Dahal constructs temples in Dhading

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शनिबार, मंसिर ९, २०८०

Lok Dahal and Sita Dahal, a couple from Dhading, who are social workers, have helped more than 1 crore million only in the Baseri Budathum of Dhading.

On Friday, the Dahal couple, living in Belgium, came to Galane, their native Budhathum, to worship the bar peepal planted in the temple premises. Lok Dahal has been helping in reconstruction, health, education, drinking water construction in that area, while Sita Dahal has spent more than 30 lakhs on the religious and cultural sites.

Lok Dahal has contributed more than 1 crore in the construction of Mahalakshmi Secondary School, Kanya School, Lapudanda and Soti drinking water projects, construction of Badri Bishal Secondary School building, while Sita Dahal has contributed to the construction of temple in Baseri, construction of temple of Icheshwar Mahadev in Galane, construction of Shiva temple, construction of 108 Shiva lingas, toilets and gates. She has contributed cash to Bhimodaya Secondary School, Gorkha along with construction of cemetary sites (maranghat) in Baseri, construction of Bhagwati Temple, construction of Radhakrishna Temple in Arkhet in Gorkha, construction of Radha Krishna Temple in Kathmandu, purchase of Gajur for Shiva Temple in Simra.

“We set aside some amount from our income for social work. Social service is our regular work. All over the world, we are reaching among the helpless with the support, and in Nepal, infrastructure development and other aids are regular activities,” says Lok Dahal,”My success is the contribution of Mrs. Sita, she has been contributing in the religious heritages, according to her wish, she has come to birthplace Budhathum this time to worship the bar peepal trees in the temple of Ichheshwar Mahadev,” he said. Sita Dahal constructs temples in Dhading .