Father takes sick daughter to play in her own grave

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शनिबार, असार १७, २०७४


The heart wrenching video shows the moment when a father takes his toddler to play in her own grave. The father has already prepared a grave for her daughter who is going to die very soon. He has made a grave for his critically sick daughter to prepare for her death.

Mr Zhang Liyong, a farmer from Sichuan province, had spent all his savings treating the toddler, who was born with a serious blood disorder. The father of a two year old brings his baby girl to play in her own grave so that she gets used to it. He wants his girl to be familiar with the place so that she will not find it strange once she is buried down there. This is the incident from Neijiang city, south-west China.

Xinlei was diagnosed with thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder, at two months old. Mr Zhang and his family had spent over 100,000 yuan treating Xinlei, but they could no longer afford the medical bills.