Model of joint effort: Worbang Basic School

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Lawong Bijay
मङ्लबार, अशोज २०, २०७७

Dipesh Kandel/Suresh Pandey

Dhading, Ashoj 20 – There is a saying that nothing is impossible if we work hard enough. Worbang Basic school located at Benighat Rorang-3, Dhading has proven this statement being a model school for others.

The school which was established in 2035 BS has made progress beyond imagination. The school has been educating children who come mainly from Chepang community. The school has been running classes upto 5 since 2042 BS.

Presently, 5 teachers including 2 permanent, 2 under relief quota and 1 under child development quota are working in the school where around 100 students are attending. Only few students used to attend the school before 2054; but now, the situation has been changed completely.

The school’s interior and outer view is ashtonishing and lovely where one can reach after walking an hour from Prithvi highway. Neat and attractive school premises, perfect classroom management and energetic team seem captivating and inspirational.

The principal Nabaraj Pandey said that local government and many other organizations have played roles to reform the school. He added, “Some partnership programs including GNHA, National Reconstruction Project Implementation Unit, JIKA, INIKE have helped us even more.”

The local level has faciliated to purchase additional land for the school. The students are getting practical knowledge through MGML launched in 2071 with the help of GNHA.

Real learning can be observed when the students play and study in the homely environment. “We are also learning new things in MGML, ” said the teacher Rammaya. Well-managed and decorated classrooms are actuallly displaying the hard work of the teachers and the school administration. “If we work hard, everything can be possible, ” said the principal.

The Worbang school has been an perfect example to show that the condition of the government schools can be improved if we have enthusiasm and sincere dedication. If all the concerned local levels, principals, teachers, management committees and stakeholders work hard, government schools can make progress. Let’s learn from Worbang Basic School to reform government schools and guarantee quality education.