Sudarshan Khatiwada Elected as President of SAAN Nepal

Kathmandu, April 17 - Sudarshan Khatiwada has been elected as the new president of the Satyawati Alumni Association Nepal (SAAN Nepal), an organization comprised of former students who have passed...

आइतवार, बैशाख १७, २०८०

Education, An approach to bust myths and illuminate civilization

Today, in the information age, a country is as strong as the knowledge it holds. The development of any nation rests with its human capital and its ability to generate...

आइतवार, पुस २५, २०७८
दिपेश कडेल

Miss Nepal Namrata Shrestha builds a suspension bridge in Dhading

Dhading Kartik 23 -Namrata Shrestha, who was selected as a 'Miss World' contestant from Nepal, has constructed a suspension bridge at Thopalkhola of Nilkantha-2 Aale Chhiringe. The bridge was inaugurated...

मङ्लबार, कार्तिक २३, २०७८
Lawong Bijay

Miss Nepal Namrata Shrestha to visit Dhading to inagurate the suspension bridge

Dhading- Miss Nepal winner Namrata Shrestha is scheduled to arrive in Dhading on Monday before leaving for the United States representing Nepal in the Miss World pageant. As per the...

आइतवार, कार्तिक २१, २०७८
Lawong Bijay

Kasi Danai and Ramesh Kandel of Dhading running in the election of NRNA Belgium

Belgium July 2. In the upcoming election of the Non-Resident Nepali Association National Coordinating Council Belgium, Kasi Danai of Dhading has nominated for the post of Vice President and Ramesh...

आइतवार, साउन ३, २०७८
Lawong Bijay

Health equipment for Dhading and Chitwan on the initiative of Lok Dahal

Belgium, Jestha 28 - Lok Prasad Dahal from Budhathum, Dhading who has been living in Belgium, has planned to provide important health equipment to Dhading and Chitwan. The essential health...

शुक्रबार, जेष्ठ २८, २०७८
Lawong Bijay

Tuki Nepal provides oxygen cylinders to two health institutions in Jyamrung

Dhading, Jestha 13 - Tuki Nepal, which has been providing assistance in the humanitarian field, has provided oxygen cylinders to Jyamrung Health Post Pangre and Hanuman Danda Health Point. According...

बिहिबार, जेष्ठ १३, २०७८
Lawong Bijay

Tuki Nepal Provides Service with Oxyzen at Jyamrung

Jestha 6, Dhading - Tuki Nepal Samaj, which has been dedicating itself to social service, is planning to start a mobile service in Jamrung, Dhading. According to Kamal Sapkota, chairperson...

बिहिबार, जेष्ठ ६, २०७८
Lawong Bijay

Financial Literacy Among Students of Campus

I. INTRODUCTION 1.1. Concept Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world: how someone manages to earn or make it, how that person manages it,...

बुधबार, पुस ८, २०७७

Ground Apple: Cultivation and Current Scenario in Nepal

Ashoj 25, dhading- Normal apples grow in trees but ground apple is something different, they grow underground. Whenever we hear Ground Apple, we visualize it as a normal apple. Morphologically...

आइतवार, अशोज २५, २०७७

Model of joint effort: Worbang Basic School

Dipesh Kandel/Suresh Pandey Dhading, Ashoj 20 - There is a saying that nothing is impossible if we work hard enough. Worbang Basic school located at Benighat Rorang-3, Dhading has proven...

मङ्लबार, अशोज २०, २०७७
Lawong Bijay

2 helpless people starving in dalit community in Malekhu

Ashoj 19, Dhading - No family, no relatives, no shelter, no health facilities and no support at all. Aaitamaya Pariyar and Bir Bahadur Bhusal are living under such condition in...

सोमवार, अशोज १९, २०७७
Lawong Bijay

4 people including Minraj Kandel honored on the constitution day

Ashoj 3, Dhading - The chairperson of National Cooperative Federation of Nepal Minraj Kandel also a resident of Benighat Rorang Rural municipality was honored along with other three people on...

शनिबार, अशोज ३, २०७७
Lawong Bijay

Lok Dahal and Kashi Danai provide financial aid to helpless children

Nepal, Ashij 3- The present resident of Belgium Lok Dahal originally from Budhathum and Kashi Danai from Chainpur provided helpless and poor children with financial aids. The vice-treasurer of Non...

शनिबार, अशोज ३, २०७७
Lawong Bijay

Information about Nohak cave – the largest cave in Asia

Bhadra 21, Dhading - Nohak cave situated in Benighat rorang rural municipality in Dhading is the largest one in Asia continent. It is one of the 100 tourist destinations enlisted...

आइतवार, भदौ २१, २०७७
Lawong Bijay

Which banks have their branches in local levels of Dhading ?

Dhading, bhadra 18- Dhading district has 2 municipalities and 11 rural municipalities. Many banks have established their branch offices in all the local levels to assist their customers. We think...

बिहिबार, भदौ १८, २०७७
Lawong Bijay

Kurdish human rights lawyer Ebru Timtik dies after 238-day hunger strike

Nepal bhadra 15- A Kurdish-Turkish human rights lawyer has died after a 238-day hunger strike demanding a fair trial for herself and others. Ebru Timtik, 42, was one of a...

सोमवार, भदौ १५, २०७७
गोविन्द बुढाथोकी